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80 Day Obsession! Journey to Abs!

January 21, 2018

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80 Day Obsession! Journey to Abs!

January 21, 2018

WEEK 1- I started this journey on January 15th! That was Day 1 of 80 Day Obsession. This at-home workout program is kicking my a$$ already! We got a different workout every day for 80 days, timed-nutrition, resistance loops, sliders and some all-natural supplements to boot! I have been doing at-home workout programs for almost two years now and this one definitely stands out! It specifically targets your abs, butt and legs! Ladies, you know those are the areas we are ALWAYS trying to work on, especially me! I tend to hold most of my weight in my stomach, hips and thighs. The resistance bands are helping me sculpt those troublesome areas while make me sweat. 
















DAY 1- Total Body Core! This one works your ENTIRE body and uses resistance loops and weights to target those troublesome areas. BUT the best part is, a bunch of ladies and other coaches are doing the same program with me! We hold each other accountable one workout /one day at a time!

Here's some fun screen shots of our FB group kicking ass and sweating it out!! Our private Facebook group has like 30 ladies all sweating it out to the same workouts on the same days. We all started on January 15th, which means they are feeling the aches and pains along with me! That means EVERYONE is posting a sweaty selfie each day along with another fun assignment like their food or a fun recipe! It's like having a virtual gym buddy to keep you on top of your game!! (Like 30 of them LOL). This is the biggest online challenge group for our team to date. OH and each of us took our "goodbye" photos because my body will never be the same after this! :D


This week (and for the next 3 weeks) is only phase one. As my team and I progress through these workouts, the program gradually gets harder! But the end results are quite amazing. Here's some before and after photos of coaches who got to test out the program early on. HOT DAMN!! I am SO EXCITED to see what my body can do!!


The TIMED NUTRITION portion of this is pretty cool, and not as tough as I thought it was going to be! Everyone should be eating before and after a workout. This program emphasizes the importance of pre and post workout meals in order to maximize performance during the workouts and to replenish nutrients and energy lost AFTER the workout. Supplements: 

ENERGIZE = preworkout for energy 

RECOVER = post workout for muscle soreness.

Here's a sample of my nutrition plan for WEEK 1. 


So  basically you're eating 30min to1 hour before your workout (preworkout), right AFTER you workout, and then every two to three hours throughout the day. OF COURSE I am utilizing the portion cups because this program calls for it. Instead of counting calories or guessing how much I should eat, I simple count the portion cups and fill them to the top! If it fits, I CAN EAT IT! Here's some food porn for you. Everything has been portioned out using the color coded portion cups :D. AND YES I CAN EAT PANCAKES ON MY MEAL PLAN! (COUNTS AS A YELLOW).

I know I gained some weight over the holidays eating out, holiday foods, drinking and just basically F'ing off my portion plan! BUT I knew 80 Day Obsession was going to kick my ass come January 15th! I am back on track and THIS TIME, I'll be seeing my abs!! I'll be blogging my journey at the end of each week to RECAP the program for you guys :). I think you'll find that it's realistic and doable. YOU'RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!


Curious? You can ALWAYS contact me and we can chat about the program. We start another private online group you can join on February 2nd.  As always, follow my journey daily on Instagram HERE! I'll be posting nutrition and workout tips along with some daily inspiration! Here's to the next 73 DAYS!! DONE SON!




Jen Rock













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