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80 Day Obsession! Journey to Abs!

January 21, 2018

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BODY BEAST!! DAY 1 (Weight lifting program)

June 8, 2017

When I started my fitness journey back in March 2016, my goal was SIMPLE: lose weight and don't look fat. I had these unrealistic goals for myself where I wanted to look "skinny" and that's all I cared about. So I did the 21 Day Fix (3 weeks of 30 min workouts, plus Shakeology once a day, and the portion cups). I lost 15 lbs after doing two rounds of this. BUT I felt a bit "flabby" and decided I needed to tone. I lit a fire under my ass in December 2016 because I felt like my weight was coming back with a vengeance after all that holiday food! 


I started Beachbody's Hammer & Chisel program and was able to tone up and get rid of some fat around my mid-section! This is a two-month program that involves weight lifting and some cardio days. Suffice it to say, it burned up a lot of fat and the BEST part, I got to eat SO MUCH food! These before and after photos show that progress. 

 Now that I have toned up a bit, I wanted to take my fitness to a NEW level and actually see some ab definition! The Body Beast program does just that! It is all weight lifting with one cardio day. The program calendar works in blocks: 3 weeks (building), then 6 weeks  (bulking) and then another 3 weeks (Beast Mode). Each day focuses on different muscles groups, and workouts can be anywhere from 30-50 minutes long.  Check out the calendar:



Considering how much time people spend at the gym, this is super convenient! Just me, some weights, my living room and my cat Stanley on watch (haha). Again the best part about this program is the FOOD! Since I am in the "building" block phase, I get to eat 9 servings of carbs! If you've seen the portion containers, the yellow one counts as 1 carb. That's A LOT of carbs! I also get 4 servings of protein, 5 servings of veggies, 5 servings of fruit, 4 tsp of oils, one serving of healthy fat, and one serving of dressing. This eating plan is based off of Beachbody's portion container system. If you're curious about it, email me! It beats counting points or calories any day! Here are my container portions for Phase 1:

Contrary to popular belief, this phase will not make me BIG. A lot of women think that if they lift, they will become BIG. Lifting doesn't make you big, eating DONUTS DOES! I will tell you I was a bit weary about eating so much food in the plan ABOVE. But some of my other coaches happened to be on this same plan and their before and after photos were INCREDIBLE! Instead of gaining a bunch of weight or fat from this eating plan, the body uses the food as fuel and helps burn fat while you gain muscle. 


FIRST DAY (Monday June 5th, 2017): I took my "before" photos. I would like to see some more definition and trimming along my mid section and some more muscle on my arms! Super challenging because my body wants to default back to fat around my lower tummy! I know this will be a big challenge for me to get rid of.

First workout was working the chest and triceps! It just about killed my arms! It lasted 50 minutes, but when I was done I felt so accomplished! DOMS set in that night! I am looking into getting Beachbody's Performance line, specifically a product called Recharge. This product actually helps repair your muscles and combats soreness! One of my main hurdles right now is limited equipment. I do not have a weight bench, I use a stability ball. This means I have an extra challenge of keeping the ball steady while lifting!



Talk about core work! Right now I am working with adjustable weights 25 lbs total. I will be going up in weight next week and will be buying more adjustable weights: 20's, 30's and 40s total. 



Here's to building and bulking! If you're interested in these weightlifting programs you can email me at or hit me up on good ol' Facebook:



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